2nd Grade Schedule

TUESDAY–FRIDAY      SYNCHRONOUS LEARNING (With live instruction from teachers)
9:00-9:15 15 minutes Morning Meeting
9:15-9:25 10 minutes Movement Break
9:25-10:25 60 minutes Math
10:25-10:55 30 minutes Specials (Art, P.E., STEM, Music)
10:55-11:25 30 minutes Social Studies/Science/Social-Emotional Learning
11:25-12:15 50 minutes Lunch
12:15-1:10 55 minutes Language Arts
1:10-1:20 10 minutes Movement Break
1:20-2:05 45 minutes Writing
2:05-2:10 5 minutes Movement Break
2:10-2:20 10 minutes Closing Meeting

MONDAY is ASYNCHRONOUS LEARNING (Assignments and Activities can be completed at your own time and pace)
Monday Plans will be provided on Canvas and may include read-alouds, independent reading time, projects, videos, writing, and learning apps on the iPads.  Teachers are available by email on Mondays if you have questions.