Architecture in the Schools (AIS)

Hoffman Boston students have the opportunity to participate in a  program developed by the Washington Architectural Foundation, called Architecture in the Schools (AIS). AIS is a dynamic, project-based program that matches architects with classroom teachers for one hour per week over eight weeks each semester. The Washington Architectural Foundation collaborates with Architecture Lab,bring AIS to schools in Northern Virginia. AIS increases STEM, Art and Social Studies skills. The program fosters critical thinking skills. Through participating in AIS, Students actively learn through discovery and hands-on lessons. STEM concepts come alive when children work on architectural projects that have real-life meaning. We measure success not only when students can demonstrate what they have learned, but by student engagement — that “spark.” AIS is off the charts on this measure; teachers have reported that the program exceeds their expectations. This year we will work with 5th and 2nd graders s to develop a project focusing on themes such a measurement, structure, architectural elements, and  sustainability and community within design.