English Learner Program


English Learner Program

Front Row–Emily Hernandez (Gr. K), Bobbi Dailey (Gr. 1), Marilyn, Hanger (Gr. 2)

Back Row–Allison Walker (EL Asst.), Christianne Chong (Gr. 3), Kirsten Fitzgerald (Gr. 4), Soroush Zargarani (Gr. 5), Augusto Wayar (Parent Resource), Mungunzaya Coughlin (Parent Resource)


female teacher

Teacher: Ms. Garcia

Hi All-Stars! I’m Ms. Garcia and I’m a second grade teacher at Hoffman-Boston. I’ve been a teacher with Arlington Public Schools for 10 years. I enjoy teaching and spending time with students. I also love the following:

  • Animals (including reptiles)!
  • Traveling
  • Reading

I can’t wait to meet you all this year!

Email: nora.garcia@apsva.us


Ms. Emily-Hernandez

Hello, All-stars!

I am Mrs. Hernandez.  I was born in Washington, DC and lived most of my life in Maryland.  I have lived in Arlington for 6 years and I love it here!  I was a classroom teacher until I switched to teaching English language 7 years ago.  I love teaching English because I am a language learner myself.  I speak Spanish, French, Russian and Georgian.  Please practice with me!  Outside of school, I stay busy cooking, knitting, reading and keeping up with my 3 sons.

Contact Information: Email: emily.hernandez@apsva.us

Ms. Dailey

Hello everyone!

I’m Ms. Dailey. I am the English Learner teacher for First Grade, which means I am here to support students who are learning English. This is my fifth year at Hoffman-Boston! The past four years, I have worked with Kindergarten, so I’m very excited to be with some of your children that I taught last year.😊A little bit about me:

  • I have lived in Missouri, California, Germany, Thailand, and Virginia
  • I love elephants and the color yellow
  • I enjoy traveling and learning different languages (I currently speak Thai and I can usually understand Spanish and German).

I can’t wait to meet you all or see you all again!

Email: Bobbi.Walker2@apsva.us

Ms. Chong

Hello, my name is Mrs. Chong. This is my 7th year working at Hoffman Boston as an English Language teacher. I became an English language teacher because I love learning about different cultures and have a strong interest in languages. During my free time, I enjoy the great outdoors, reading and spending time with my husband and two dogs.

Email: christianne.chong@apsva.us

Mr. Zargarani

Hello! My name is Soroush Zargarani. This will be my 4th year at Hoffman-Boston as EL (English Learner) teacher for 5th grade. I grew up all around northern Virginia, but also lived in Richmond for several years where I studied world languages and cultures. I wanted to be an EL teacher because of my appreciation for the many teachers who taught me over the years and of course my interest in different languages and cultures. When I am not teaching I love to read, cook and spend time outdoors. My favorite book genres are history and science fiction, and I usually read several books at a time!

Email: soroush.zargarani@apsva.us