Fifth Grade

Welcome to Fifth Grade!

Hello All-Stars and All-Star parents!  We are your 5th grade teachers for the new 2017-18 school year!  Mr. Fritz teaches Reading and Writing, Mrs. Yarborough teaches Math, and Mr. Pipke teacher Science and Social Studies.  The rest of the 5th grade team includes Mrs. Garcia-Larner, our ESOL Teacher, Mr. Siegal, who teaches Special Education, and Mr. Beach, our Reading Specialist, Mrs. Kaye and Mrs. Plunkett, our Math Specialists, and Ms. Dempsey, our Gifted Education Teacher. Here you will find Mr. Fritz’s, Mrs. Yarborough’s, and Mr. Pipke’s daily schedules along with our monthly newsletter. Also, we have included a separate section with links to various websites that will provide you with useful information regarding our curriculum and extra practice to help reinforce the learning that will take place in our classrooms throughout the year. Please contact us anytime if you have questions or concerns as we progress through the school year and work together to make our All-Stars as successful as they can be!


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Mr. Fritz and Mrs. Yarborough               Mr. Pipke

Mr. Fritz, Mrs. Yarborough, and Mr. Pipke’s Teaching Schedules

5th Grade Teaching Schedule

Contact Information:

Mr. Fritz
Mrs. Yarborough
Mr. Pipke
Mrs. Garcia-Larner
Mr. Siegal
Mr. Beach
Mrs. Kaye
Mrs. Plunkett
Ms. Dempsey