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Ms. Palomino current pic
        Ms. Palomino

           Hello All-Star parents! We are your FLES teachers for the 2019-2020 school year.  Ms. Palomino is teaching the following classes this year: Godec/Fones, Freeman-Moore (PK), Tagle (PK), all of Kindergarten, all of 2nd grade, Barrett (4th), McGreevy (4th), and Bye (5th).  Ms. Cresswell is teaching

Dalila foto
  Ms. Cresswell

Godec/Fones, Campos (1st), Chervin (1st), Brown (1st), Viinanen (3rd), and Marsicek (4th) along with 1st and 2nd grade ELL.  Ms. Manzano is teaching Taylor (PK), Pelletier (PK), Pulliam (1st), Fritz (3rd), Mercede (3rd), Casalengo (5th), and Hinkson (5th)  

Ms. Manzano









Ms. Cresswell: dalila.marquez@apsva.us

Ms. Palomino: giorgina.palomino@apsva.us

Ms. Manzano: evelyn.matus@apsva.us


Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or concerns as we progress through the school year and work together to make our kids as successful as they can be!

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Happy teacher appreciation week to all my fellow teachers. Yeah, we’re not in it for the money because it sure is a huge responsibility guiding young minds. It’s nice to feel appreciated. Thank you to all the lovely students who’ve given us flowers today & the Thank you-s. https://t.co/g0aJZx4SdX
Published May 06, 19 6:10AM