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Welcome to Hoffman-Boston Elementary Physical Education page. At Hoffman-Boston we strive to teach physical health and education for a life time of well being.  We want every student to have the knowledge that can help them maintain a life of physical activity and enjoyment of movement. We believe a life time of healthy habits is built during the primary years.

October 26th, 2019 at 10:30 am Hoffman-Boston is participating in the kids Marine Corp Run at the Pentagon. Registration is $10. Entry forms can be downloaded from the Hoffman-Boston homepage, or email for a paper copy. Please send cash or a check for $10 made out to Hoffman-Boston with your child by 10/3. 


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Hoffman Boston PE

Steal the bacon- a favorite K-5! Tap knees to beat of drum and when drum stops-see who can react faster and steal the beanbag. Learning: cooperation/reaction/rhythm/gracious winning skills. #apsisawesome #hfbtweets
Published September 18, 19 11:27AM