Implementation at Hoffman Boston

At Hoffman Boston, students in second through fifth grade use iPads across the curriculum to enhance individual instruction and to support students of all ability ipadlevels.  We use a variety of instructional approaches to address the needs, interests, and cultural backgrounds of individual students.

We are focused on fostering a personalized learning environment that is student centered, that encourages student choice, and seamlessly integrates technology into students learning experiences.  We use specific apps that encourages collaboration, critical thinking, and opportunities for students to creatively demonstrate their learning and stretch their minds.  A few of these apps consist of; Book Creator, Explain Everything, iMovie, Padlet, Google apps, and Tellagami.

We at Hoffman Boston also understand the importance’s of creating a culture of responsible use.  Students are instructed in Internet safety classes which focuses on healthy habits, cyber-bullying, and student’s responsible use of technology.  We used the Common Sense Media Digital Citizenship curriculum to guide our students as they grow into informed, ethical users of technology.