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How many books may I check out?    All students may check out 5 books!  (Please do not place more than 2 books from the same series on hold.)  Students can check their library accounts to see when the book is available for pick up.  Books are available when they are in the checkouts section of students account.  Parents will also receive an email alert that books are ready for pickup.

Book Pick Up and Return:  Books may be picked up at HBES office M-F 9-4 PM with extended hours on Monday till 6 PM.  Ring doorbell at Door 1 or call the library @ 703-228-8618.  Someone will meet you at the door and deliver your books.  After putting a book on hold, books must be picked up within 1 week or they will be returned to the shelves.  Books may be kept for 2 weeks.  Please return books to Door 1.

Can I renew a book?    Yes, students may renew books for an additional week.

What if my book(s) are overdue?  A book becomes overdue after two weeks. When a book is overdue the student will be unable to check out additional books. Library staff will inform the student when their book(s) are overdue and that they will need to be returned.

What if I lose or damage a book?  Lost or damaged books must be paid for in order to clear student records. Cash or checks made out to “Hoffman Boston Elementary School” are accepted for payment. If a book is found before the end of the school year, money will be refunded.

Mission: The library is here for all students, parents, and staff to find resources for pleasure reading, research, and exploration. Please feel free to ask questions, come and look around for a good book or magazine, and enjoy the heart of the school.