Meet our Math Academic Support Teacher

Welcome to Hoffman-Boston Elementary School!

Ms. Garcia
My name is Katherine Garcia-Larner and I am Hoffman-Boston’s Math Academic Support Teacher.
Families, this is going to be a fantastic year, filled with lots of exploring, and learning together. Virtual or in-person learning – we’ve got this!
Some things about me:

  • I was born in Puerto Rico, I’m an Army Brat (I went to 13 different schools!), and I speak Spanish.
  • I have been an educator since 2002. During that time, I have been a classroom teacher and an English Learner Teacher.
    • I have an undergraduate degree in Elementary Education with a major in ESL
    • I have graduate degrees in Early Childhood, Teaching English as a Second or Other Language (TESOL), and Education Leadership and Administration.
    • I have been teaching in Arlington Public Schools since 2009.
  • In my role, I support students in math.
    • I work collaboratively with classroom teachers to provide tiered support in order to improve student learning.
    • When working with students, we meet in small groups and discuss problems, share strategies, and learn from each other.
  • My favorite things to do are: read, travel with my husband, eat food from different countries, and learn from other cultures. This is influenced by my childhood experiences and having the opportunity to work in a diverse community like Hoffman-Boston Elementary School.