Military Families

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To Our Military Families:

On behalf of our entire school community, welcome to Hoffman-Boston Elementary School. We are honored to serve the children of your family. This webpage provides links to resources that may prove useful in making your transition into our community smooth. As one of the approximately two million military-connected children in America, your child will join the 80,000 school-age students of active-duty military families here in the Commonwealth of Virginia. We are proud to help make your time with us as rewarding and enriching as possible!

Ambassadors for Hoffman Boston 
Patricia Harvey
Melissa Hinkson
Kris Pflaging

Planning Your Arrival to Arlington Public Schools (APS)

If the assignment from which you are departing was outside of the Commonwealth of Virginia, we encourage you to visit the Virginia Department of Education Military Families page, which provides information on rights and resources as you move your family here to Virginia. To learn more about Arlington Public Schools, we encourage you to visit the APS Military Families page, which provides military-connected families with information and resources.

If you are inclined, you can opt-in for text message alerts from APS at are also welcome and encouraged to visit the “Welcome Kit for New Arlington Residents,” provided by the Arlington, Virginia government. The welcome kit is available online at