Mission Statement

Mission Statement

Hoffman-Boston Elementary School is dedicated to providing authentic, inquiry-based learning experiences that encourage students to collaborate, experiment, and create solutions to real-life problems.  We dare to use innovative techniques and technology to enhance lifelong learning.  Hoffman-Boston Elementary School staff use differentiated instructional practices that promote critical thinking and embrace diverse learning styles.  As a community, we demonstrate respect, integrity, perseverance and self-worth. 

Our Beliefs At Hoffman-Boston:

We are a community of learners.
We explore, question, and seek answers to understand our world.
We value, celebrate, and embrace our many cultures.
We respect ourselves,others and the environment.
We model integrity,dignity, and self-worth.
We strive to develop innovators, problem-solvers, independent thinkers and risk-takers.

STEM Student Profile


Critical Thinkers

Problem Solvers

Decision Makers

Self-Confident Learners

Cooperative Learners

Independent Thinkers