Ms. Abdelmalek

Jennifer Abdelmalek

Hello! My name is Mrs. Abdelmalek (Ab del malek), feel free to call me Mrs. A, if that is more comfortable for you.  I am so excited to be the Special Education teacher supporting 4th grade this year!  This school year is going to be very exciting and busy as we learn and grow together during these unusual times.

I have been in education for 22 years now and have held every position and worn even more hats than one can imagine from Assistant, Teacher, Director, Assistant Principal. Etc.   When I was your age, I always wanted to become a teacher and work with creative minds.  I can remember sitting at my desk and thinking of ways to make lessons I thought were boring better.

When I am not at work, I enjoy spending time with my boys, family, friends, gardening and occasionally just sitting on the swing outside and just listening to the quiet.  My loves are Heinz Ketchup fanatic, yes, I put it on pretty much everything, Starbucks vanilla latte, and Ice-cream.

This year is going to be an adventure. “The adventure of life is to LEARN.” ~ William Arthur Ward

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Phone: 757-932-0188