Ms. Dalila

Instructional Assistant

Co-Taught VPI and Special Education Class (Mrs. Pelletier/Ms. Dalila)

Ms. Dalila

Professional Background

My name is Dalila Adams. I joined HFB last school year as a Pre-K Assistant. This was my first experience in Pre-K. Lots of fun and learning! I have been employed with APS since 2005. I started as an Administrative Assistant at Barcroft Elementary and later began to work with students. It is what I really enjoyed, so I became a Special Education Assistant after taking the Para Pro Exam.  Prior to working in Pre-K, I supported third through fifth grade in content areas (math, social studies, science, reading and language arts). I became a familiar, friendly face as we spent a lot of time together, even after school.  I supported the Homework Club providing further assistance in Math and Reading.

Personal Interests

Here is a bit more about me: I have three sons who attended APS.  The youngest graduated in 2017. I am a Nationals fan and enjoy watching baseball. Art is something I enjoy too. I have taken to clay art slab classes at Kenmore Middle School. Creating art out of clay is my favorite! Making Christmas ornaments and cross stitching are other hobbies I have. Reading is another interest of mine.

Literary Connection

I have read many children’s books. These are some of my favorites for beginning readers: Goodnight Gorilla and In A People House. I have read many book series such as: The Spiderwick Chronicles, Magic Tree House, Percy Jackson and Artemis Fowl. Now I am reading A Lincoln Cavalryman and The Civil War Letters of Henry Suydam.  I chose this book because history is an interest of mine as well.