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Hello! It is a privilege to be entrusted with the care and education of your children during their third grade year. I entered this profession with the hope that every child I teach would be given the opportunity to have a childhood full of joy and love that nurtures them both academically and socially. I hope to partner with you as families to ensure that my teaching is reflective of the goals and dreams you have for your children now and in the future.

The 2020-2021 will be my tenth year teaching and my fifth year as an All Star! I was raised in the Philadelphia suburbs and went to K-12 public schools. Following high school, I attended the University of Pennsylvania and pursued a Bachelor of Arts degree in History with minors in Consumer Psychology and Hispanic Studies. During my time as a student at UPenn, experiences tutoring students at public schools in West Philadelphia inspired me to pursue a teaching career through an organization called Teach for America. Upon graduation, I was placed in a K-8 public charter school in Phoenix, AZ as an elementary school teacher. While in Phoenix, I graduated with a Master of Education degree in Elementary Education from Arizona State University. Since that time, I have worked as an elementary teacher in public charter, private Catholic, and public schools in Phoenix, D.C., Alexandria, and now Arlington.

During my free time, I enjoy doing Crossfit, going to church, cooking & baking, reading, crafting, and taking walks with my dog Dolly! I love trying new hobbies and some of my favorites have been indoor rock climbing, brushing up on my Spanish, salsa and country dancing, and quilting. I loved school and continue to learn by reading lots of nonfiction books!

One of my favorite books is “The Little House” by Virginia Lee Burton. The book tells the story of “The Little House” that was built on a small hill in the middle of a beautiful countryside. In the evenings, The Little House sees the city lights and imagines what life would be like to live there. As someone who has always lived in either the suburbs or city, the beautiful illustrations in this book cause me to imagine what life would be like living in the countryside! As time passes and the seasons change throughout the story, I feel part of the simple and quiet life of The Little House in the country.


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