Ms. Williams

Instructional Assistant

VPI Class (Mrs. Taylor/Ms. Williams)

Ms. Williams


My role as an educator is to help in all areas of the classroom.  Beginning with greeting the students in the hallway each morning and asking them whether they have brought a lunch or will be buying it and ending with walking the bus riders to their buses. These everyday interactions build relationships and trust.  I help to support the students as they learn and we build community together.  I guide students towards independence and help them gain stamina for a full day of work and play.

Professional Background

I have been working for Arlington Public Schools for 5 years.  My first position was as Staff for the Extended Day Program (2015).  I have worked at various schools in this position.  In 2018, I worked as a long-term substitute at Hoffman-Boston Elementary.  During my assignment at Hoffman-Boston, I was offered a Pre-K Special Education Assistant position. Currently, I’m a VPI Assistant at Hoffman-Boston and this is my second year as Co-teacher.  I believe working with children is fun and rewarding.  I love that no single day is the same.  Also, I’m impressed by their endless energy, honesty, creativity and flexibility.  My students motivate me to be a better person.

Personal Interests

I have taken up cooking this summer and love it. I play basketball in some of my free time and always enjoy spending time with my family.