At Hoffman Boston, We Respect Ourselves, Others and Surroundings.

What is PBIS?

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How do All Stars show Respect?

 Students at Hoffman Boston Elementary  learn the expectations of being an All Star throughout their school day and year. This Matrix is the outline of their expectations.

What happens when students are caught being respectful?

At Hoffman Boston Elementary there are many ways students are recognized when they are being respectful to themselves, others and the surroundings. Some of those ways include:

  1. Positive calls, emails or notes home to families to share
  2. Student highlights on HFBTV
  3. Students photo on the Respect Wall of Fame
  4. Issues a Twinkle Ticket on PBIS Rewards that can be cashed in for an experience with a staff member


Meet our PBIS Coach!!!!!!!!

Female PBIS coach

Hello all! My name is Brenna McGreevy and my current role at Hoffman-Boston Elementary School is Behavior Specialist and PBIS Coach. I have the privilege of supporting all students and staff in positive behavior management systems and interventions. With the emphasis on Social Emotional Learning throughout APS, I will also be pushing into class with themed lessons to support these topics.Some things you should know about me are, I’m originally from NY but love living in Virginia. Prior to this role, I was a 4th grade teacher for 10 years with specializations in special education, social studies curriculum, and classroom management. I joined APS at Hoffman-Boston in 2019 and love being an All Star with the wonderful staff here.Some fun facts about me are I’m a mom to a 12-year-old pup named Bailey George, the Panthers are my football team, I enjoy watching Marvel movies, winter is my favorite season because of snow, and if I’m not outside exploring the area, biking, staying active, or taking pictures you can find me reading or practicing self-care.Now that you know some things about me, I’m excited to get to know you!


Support and Interventions

PBIS is Positive Behavior Support and Intervention

  • What are some supports and interventions offered at Hoffman Boston when we are talking about behavior?

Similar to academic supports and interventions, the PBIS framework offers supports for students whose data shows they need some additional help. A few examples of supports include

  1. Check In/ Check Out– student checks in with a mentor at the beginning and end of the school day to set a behavior goal and to reflect about the goal. This allows the student to take ownership of their behavior and to have a trusted adult to speak to them everyday about their goals.
  2. Individualized Schedule– students whose data show they need more time for transitions such as leaving the classroom, cleaning up their work area or completing their work can have an individualized schedule for their day to have additional time to complete tasks.
  3. Timed Break Cards- students who need to take a break from class can have a limited number of break cards that they can use at various time throughout the day. These break cards are timed and limited in number so the student has input on if they need a 5 minute or 10 minute break to regroup before returning to class.
  4. Calming Corner– every classroom, the cafeteria and  Extended Day uses a Calming Corner when a student wants to take a break from their day to regroup. Calming Corners are used in class, so the student doesn’t miss the content that is being given during the break.