APS Go! Survey Open Now

“APS Go!” is a community-wide, school-driven process that raises awareness and provides incentives, information and encouragement related to walking, biking, transit, car/vanpooling and school busing. APS Go! wants parent feedback on transportation modes. The information collected as part of the survey will be used to update and measure progress on the APS Go! comprehensive, long-term […]

Liberty Day Kids

In celebration of Constitution Day, our 4th grade students participated in the Liberty Day Kids Program. This is a program where the students visit the Capitol to “quiz” our representatives about the Constitution. By participating in this activity, our students had a chance to not only visit the offices of our Senate and Congress men […]

All About Project Edison

To promote excellence in communication by:  Raising the level of enthusiasm and engagement in the learning process  Supporting the SOL’s  Improving speaking, writing and presentation skills  Raising literacy skills of the student body as a whole and reduce the minority achievement gap  Helping children become proficient using technology to secure knowledge and communication with       […]

Hello world!

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