Looking for something to do with your family?

Dear Hoffman-Boston Families,

Here are some events and resources that you may find interesting.

Mount Vernon is free for President’s Day (February 19): They usually have a lot of interesting activities to celebrate. Parking can be challenging.

On February 24, the Shirlington Library is hosting “Kids Art: Create a Masterpiece.”

Also on February 24, the Feel the Heritage Festival will be in Green Valley. The festival welcomes hundreds each year to learn about Arlington’s historically African-American neighborhoods while enjoying live entertainment, delicious food and dozens of vendors.

Looking for a good math activity to add to your phone or tablet? Take a look at these: KenKen Math Puzzles: or search “KenKen” in the app store.

Kakooma (website):

Number Hive: or search “Number Hive” in the app store.

And finally, the APS Office of advanced Academics (Gifted Services) has a website with a variety of information including “Summer Opportunities.”

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