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Welcome to Hoffman-Boston’s

VPI Pre-K Program

The VPI program is designed to develop the building blocks on which a child bases learning for life. Our goal is to support your child’s development and learning in partnership with families by providing enriching learning experiences. Your child will learn to: Be a member of the school community, be independent, get along and play with peers, and respect adults and others. We will help your child to be ready for Kindergarten both, socially and academically through hands-on developmentally appropriate activities. Your child will learn through songs, movement, discovery, play, and manipulation of materials. We are excited to have you as part of our team.

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Our first VPI student to ever perform at the talent show and she did a fantastic job playing Für Elise by Beethoven on the piano! #HFBTweets
Published June 19, 18 1:55PM