Curriculum Overview

Your child will participate in each of these activities during their day with us in Pre-K!

Songs, Word Plays, Letters (SWPL)

  • Sing new and familiar songs
  • Play games with letters/words/sounds in our environment
  • Identify and practice rhyming words

Literacy Groups

  • Games to match and identify letters
  • Draw and describe pictures
  • Letter/Sound bingo
  • Memory games
  • Concept sorts (i.e., fruit/not a fruit)
  • Practice tracking/reading predictable texts

Story Time

  • Read a variety of children’s books
  • Read books several times to develop understanding
  • Learn new vocabulary
  • Answer questions to understand what is happening in a story
  • Act out other people through characters in books


  • Plan – Children tell teachers and friends what they will do
  • Do – Children are allowed to play in the classroom with a variety of materials
  • Review – Children tell teachers and friends what they did after they have finished


  • Social Studies content when applicable (i.e., how do we take care of babies)
  • Science (i.e., sink or float)


  • Calendar time
  • Math games and explorations (i.e., counting, colors, patterns, number recognition)

Social Emotional Learning

  • Connect as a class community
  • Explore feelings
  • Practice being “social thinkers”
  • Explore what it means to be a good friend