Mrs. Pelletier

office hours: Tuesday 3:00pm-4:00pm

General Education Teacher

Co-Taught VPI and Special Education Class (Mrs. Pelletier/Ms. Candy/Ms. Dalila)

Mrs. Pelletier


Hello! My name is Vivian Pelletier and I facilitate learning by exposing students to many concepts and experiences. I create a learning environment that meets students where they are and yet challenges them cognitively, socially, and emotionally during their optimal time of growth which allows them to be successful.

Professional Background

This will be my 11th year as a Hoffman-Boston All Star teaching Pre-K. I taught Kindergarten and Pre-K in New Hampshire for 25 years before moving to Virginia in 2010. This is my 6th year teaching in a co-taught VPI and Special Education fully inclusive classroom. I received my Bachelor of Science degree in Elementary Education from Plymouth State University in NH. I love teaching and especially love teaching 4 and 5-year old students.

Personal Interests

In my free time I like to go boating on the lake, read, go for walks, and spend time with my family. I have traveled to many places in the United States as well as Europe and the Caribbean.

Literary Connection

I like all kinds of books. I chose A Friend Like You by Julia Hubery because I feel friendships are so important in life. Panda wants to show his friend, monkey, something very special. Monkey gets really excited and cannot wait to see the secret. Panda helps his friend Monkey to be patient and wait. The surprise finally happens and Monkey is so thankful to Panda for the experience. Having people who love and care for us allows us to grow and accomplish our goals in life.