Ms. Freeman-Moore

office hours: Tuesday 3:00pm-4:00pm

General Education Teacher

VPI Class (Ms. Freeman-Moore/Mr. Klein)

Ms. Freeman-Moore


As a classroom teacher in the VPI program my role as an educator is to work collaboratively to foster independent problem solvers through play-based activities that focus on their social and emotional development.

Professional Background

This is my sixth year as a teacher in the VPI program in APS.  I received my undergraduate degree in Early Childhood from the University of North Carolina at Greensboro. I coached collegiate basketball for many years and, while coaching, received my master’s degree from Long Island University.  I continue to seek out educational opportunities and love working with the dedicated, kind, and committed staff at Hoffman-Boston.  Go All Stars!

Personal Interests

I am married to Aaron, but I call him Freedog 😊.  I am the mother of four awesome sauce kids!.  I was a college athlete and still play and coach basketball in my free time. I volunteer in my community and have been a referee for basketball for many years through the rec program.  I love to try new things, spend time with my children, write letters to friends, play and eat.  During this time of COVID, I have taken myself to many destinations through my imagination, by reading different books!