Support and Interventions

PBIS is Positive Behavior Support and Intervention

  • What are some supports and interventions offered at Hoffman Boston when we are talking about behavior?

Similar to academic supports and interventions, the PBIS framework offers supports for students whose data shows they need some additional help. A few examples of supports include

  1. Check In/ Check Out– student checks in with a mentor at the beginning and end of the school day to set a behavior goal and to reflect about the goal. This allows the student to take ownership of their behavior and to have a trusted adult to speak to them everyday about their goals.
  2. Individualized Schedule– students whose data show they need more time for transitions such as leaving the classroom, cleaning up their work area or completing their work can have an individualized schedule for their day to have additional time to complete tasks.
  3. Timed Break Cards- students who need to take a break from class can have a limited number of break cards that they can use at various time throughout the day. These break cards are timed and limited in number so the student has input on if they need a 5 minute or 10 minute break to regroup before returning to class.
  4. Calming Corner– every classroom, the cafeteria and  Extended Day uses a Calming Corner when a student wants to take a break from their day to regroup. Calming Corners are used in class, so the student doesn’t miss the content that is being given during the break.