Third Grade

Welcome to 3rd Grade!

Hello 3rd Grade Families! We hope you are ready for the new school year! We understand that this year will be full of new and exciting experiences as we navigate teaching and learning online. Please refer to this site for the 3rd grade schedule, information about each teacher, their contact information, and electronic copies of our grade level newsletters.

Viinanen         Picture of Ms. Pulliam smiling   Zachary Fritz - Grade 3

Erryn O’Mahen Viinanen                      Deitra Brady-Pulliam                             Zachary Fritz

Classroom Teacher                              Classroom Teacher                               Classroom Teacher

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Lefkowitz      female teacher      Stephenson

Kimberly Lefkowitz                                    Christianne Chong                        Lauren Stephenson

Classroom Teacher                                   EL Teacher                                   Special Education Teacher

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