Title 1 and FACE



Family and Community Engagement (FACE) is supported by the Office of Family Engagement and Title 1 through Arlington Public School! FACE is a learning strategy to support student achievement. Title 1 is a program through the federal government. Learn more about how APS works with Title 1 supports here!

Both FACE and Title 1 at Hoffman-Boston support student achievement. We also both work closely with the Hoffman-Boston PTA! Check out this video for details.


Visit this site to see a video about why Family Engagement matters by our school Superintendent, Dr. Durán!  

Head Shot of Dr. Durán our Superintendent


How are FACE, Title 1, and the PTA different and alike? Watch this video on YouTube or Vimeo

Slides for the above video can be found by clicking here: 101 on Title 1 School-Family Partnership and FACE 2022-2023.

Check out a copy of the Title 1 School-Family Partnership Principles and the 2022-2023 School Calendar of Events for Families.

Your coordinators are:

  • Jennifer Burgin – Family and Community Engagement Action Team Coordinator
  • Lila Vega & Laura Anduze – Title 1 Family and Community Engagement Co-Coordinators

The 2022 – 23 FACE Action Team Members are (updated September 12, 2022):

  • Zaya Coughlin & Augusto Wayar – Bilingual Family Liaison Representative
  • Julie Freeman-Moore & Valerie Smith – PreK & VPI Representatives
  • Hailey Spina & Olivia Funnye – Kindergarten Representatives
  • Nora Garcia & Bobbi Dailey – 1st Grade & English Learner Educator Representatives
  • Ariel Stevens, Daniela Matarazzo, Helen Marcks, Matt Malloy & Mia Murphy – Parent & PTA Representatives
  • Pat Harvey & La Rita Monagan – Special Education Representatives
  • Emily Hernandez & Lauren Stephenson – English Language Learner Educators Representatives
  • Leah Smith & Erica Ramirez – 2nd Grade Representatives
  • Kimberly Lefkowitz – 3rd Grade Representative
  • Melissa Hinkson – 5th Grade Representative
  • Suzanne Paul & Heidi Smith – Administration Representatives

Interested in joining the FACE Team as a family or community member? Email Jennifer Burgin at jennifer.burgin@apsva.us! All are welcome!

Some of our 2022-23 FACE Team Members attended a professional development led by APS FACE Mentor Elisabeth Luá! We also learned from consultant Ron Mirr who has helped bring FACE research from Harvard to schools across the country!


Screen Shot 2021-11-18 at 1.29.33 PM





We had a BLAST at our Family Learning Nights in November! Check out photos from the events.

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