Welcome to Kindergarten


Mrs. Funnye Ms. Spina Ms. Vega Ms. Lea Smith
Mrs. Funnye
Classroom Teacher

Ms. Spina
Classroom Teacher

Ms. Vega
Classroom Teacher

Ms. Smith
Classroom Teacher

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Welcome to Kindergarten Ms. Jimenez Female Teacher Assistant
Mr. Myers
Instructional Assistant
Ms. Jimenez
Instructional Assistant

Ms. Kor
Instructional Assistant

Ms. Emily-Hernandez Mr. Kevin Miles  

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English Learner Teacher

Mr. Miles
Special Education Teacher

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Kindergarten is a new frontier! Our day is filled with learning about reading, writing, math, social studies, and science. Students are engaged through music, movements, and hands-on activities. The Kindergarten team is excited to give our students the building blocks they need to become flexible thinkers, and eventually fluent readers and mathematical problem solvers. Our goal is for our students to build lifelong good feelings about learning and school.

Kindergarten Daily Schedule.

8:55-9:15       Morning Meeting

9:15-9:25       Movement Break

9:25-9:35       Letters and Sounds (Phonemic Awareness)

9:35-9:45       Reading Lesson

9:45-10:20     Reading Choices and Small Groups

10:20-10:30   Movement Break

10:30-10:45   Writing Lesson

10:45-11:15   Writing Choices and Small Groups

11:15-12:05   Lunch and Recess

12:05-12:15   Calendar and Math Lesson

12:15-12:55   Math Choices

12:55-1:30     Specials

1:30-2:05       Science, Social Studies, Social-Emotional Learning

2:05-2:20       Closing Circle