About Our School

Our History

In 1915, Hoffman-Boston was built as the first junior high for African-Americans in Arlington County after the patrons from the Jefferson School asked for a new school house to be built in their area. It later served as the county’s first senior high school, then as an alternative edschoolucation center, and now as an elementary school.Hoffman-Boston was known as Oakridge North from August 1996 through June 1999.  It was an extension of Oakridge South and served in eliminating Oakridge’s overcrowding. On July 1, 2000, it became known as Hoffman-Boston Elementary School. It is still serving part of Oakridge’s community in the overcrowding.  New boundaries for the school began in September 2003 when the  $12.9 million expansion and renewal project was finished at the school.  The construction project included the addition of 23 new classrooms, bringing the facility to 110,000 square feet, upgrades to the kitchen, electrical system, plumbing and fire protection systems, installation of a new heating, ventilation and air conditioning system, replacement of ceilings and lights, and improvements to the design of the interior of the existing structure and outside grounds.  The renewal also brought the 85 year old building into ADA compliance.